SEO For Firefox Causes Users To See Red

Looking for a nice tool to find “nofollow” links when using Firefox? Check out the SEO for Firefox extension. When installed a small SEO logo will appear in the lower right of your browser that looks like the image below when active:

SEO For Firefox

When inactive the extension turns grey. To toggle status click on the image. When the extension is active links that are “nofollowed” will be outlined in red like the image below:

Sample nofollowed link

Technically a link is nofollowed when the following code is added to the a href tag:


What the nofollow tag does is it tells search engine robots not to follow that link. This is used in google’s case to keep a sites page rank without passing it on to a linked site. The nofollow tag can also be used on links within a site to keep the page rank on important pages. Wikipedia definition of nofollow.

Click here for more information on the SEO for Firefox tool.

Those with the extension installed will notice a couple of red links in this post.

Another handy feature is that the extension will display more information in your google or yahoo searches. The more information you can get with a single click is the page rank, site age, DMOZ listings, and more. See the link above for pictures of this feature.

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3 thoughts on “SEO For Firefox Causes Users To See Red

Thanks for sharing. I’ve had SEO for Firefox installed for awhile, but I didn’t know that was one of the features.

It will really speed up determining whether a site is no-follow or not. Up until now, I’ve been using Firebug to inspect the link.

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@Gizmo it’s a great tool. It was odd at first to see all of the red links as I browsed but I’m getting used to it. I turn it off also when I’m just browsing general sites.

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