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I haven’t been on here in a few weeks. I have been busy working on client sites plus learning and integrating the twitter API in my recipe site. I have the site setup so that when someone rates a recipe a new “tweet” is sent out, asking others what they think of the recipe. It also sends out a tweet when I approve a recipe announcing a new recipe. The site also alerts me when a new recipe is added that way I know to go check it out and approve it.

I am also checking out the site to see what kind of cool stuff I can do with their service. Textmarks gives you a “keyword” that someone can send by their cell phone to 41411 and textmarks will respond with a preset message or it can also respond with the output from a web page (thinking something dynamic).

I’m not ready to release it yet but I am working on an API for my URL shortener. URL shorteners are used alot on twitter because of the 140 character limit. I will announce the API here when it’s ready. You can use the site now from a web browser to shorten URLs for free.

Feel free to check out my sites and twitter profiles. If you add me on there let me know you found me from my blog. Thanks!

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