Control Scan and Portal Planet Partner to Provide Greater Internet Security

ATLANTA, GA. and FLORENCE, KY ” fully-verified, the internet”s first and only B2B third-party identity theft certification service, and Portal Planet today announced a partnership aimed at educating consumers to more easily recognize consumer friendly and safe e-commerce sites. The partnership illustrates ControlScan and Portal Planet”s continued commitment to battling online thieves.

“Online identity theft remains the number one concern among consumers contacting the Federal Trade Commission,” says ControlScan President & CEO Richard Stanton. “The best protection against this crime is knowledge and caution. ControlScan”s ID THEFT PROTECTION third-party certification helps alleviate the threat and provides for a safe e-business environment.”

Identity theft is the act of illegally obtaining and using another”s personal information without his/her knowledge or consent to commit fraud for financial gain or for another criminal purpose. The Internet has made it easy for criminals to steal credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, names, addresses and birthdates of online shoppers. ID Theft is a daily threat with miserable consequences that can happen to anyone regardless of age, race or status. ControlScan and Portal Planet are committed to alleviating this threat and working towards protecting consumers from Online Identity Theft.

“As information about ID Theft becomes more rampant, consumers are learning that it is not safe to give just any business their personal information. Likewise, businesses owners understand that they must take precautions to protect themselves and their customers from these criminals,” said Justin Rains at Portal Planet. “By using ControlScan”s ID THEFT PROTECTION we hope to give both parties the assurance that their transactions are secure.”

ControlScan”s security certifications are rapidly becoming the industry standard for privacy protection. The ID THEFT PROTECTION certificate assists in meeting the criteria for mandates in Europe, Japan, Canada, ISO and the USA. By using business plans unlike any other Internet security solution companies, ControlScan is able to custom protect companies and their consumers. As a business is put through the certification process, ControlScan is able to show the company where its weaknesses lie. If a company does not pass the test, ControlScan”s experts work with the company to increase its security until they meet the standards. Therefore, customers who see a ControlScan ID THEFT PROTECTED certification on a website can shop with ease, knowing that the business is working towards ensuring consumer safety.

In addition to the ID THEFT PROTECTED, ControlScan offers a number of other certifications that protect businesses and consumers from security threats. “Every business is different, and therefore requires different combinations of security,” says Stanton. “ControlScan has addressed this by offering 6 distinct security certificates.” These certificates include HACKER DEFENDED, PRIVACY PROTECTED, BUSINESS BACKGROUND REVIEWED, PHISHING PROTECTED, and SPAM PROTECTED.

About Portal Planet

Portal Planet provides web site design services such as e-commerce, marketing site, and the recently added “Content Management System” or CMS. CMS is a way to allow companies to manage their website online through their browser. No HTML knowledge is needed to manage the companies website. Portal Planet also provides affordable website hosting services for small businesses. For more information about Portal Planet visit or call 859-594-4678.

About ControlScan

ControlScan provides third party verification and services to identify, measure and prioritize security, privacy, quality, accessibility and compliance risks that exist on corporate web properties. Our solutions provide the visibility and control necessary to evaluate a company”s web property risk exposure, and to put processes and procedures in place to effectively implement online governance strategies. For more information visit or call, toll free, at 1-800-825-3301.

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