mySQL Upgrade Makes WordPress Posts Display In Reverse

Recently mySQL was upgraded on the hosting server my site is on and something weird happened: the posts were displayed from oldest to newest! My blog was running wordpress 2.0.2 and wordpress 2.5 had just been released. I dreaded upgrades because of the “what ifs”. My worst nightmare was that the upgrade would break everything and I would loose two years of posts. I put on my big-boy-be-brave hat and set side an hour of time to perform the upgrade. First I disabled all of the plugins I was using (that was a good thing, I didn’t enable at least half of them after the upgrade), switched the theme to the default wordpress theme, removed the old directories as I was told to do, unzipped 2.5 over top of any code left, copied my wp-config.php back to my directory, and ran the upgrade script. It worked! What’s even better is that the posts are now showing the latest post first! What I came out of this was that wordpress is not as hard to upgrade as I thought and that I should be running the latest stable version. That being said, here are some things I like about wordpress 2.5:

  • Built in tagging
  • Editing of a posts permalink
  • Automatic plugin upgrades!

I think my favorite is the last one. Just enter your FTP information and wordpress downloads the plugin, unzips it and installs the latest version of the plugin. All of this is done through your browser window!

Are you using WordPress 2.5? If so what is your favorite new feature?

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