SEO For Firefox Causes Users To See Red

Just as companies are being able to collect excellent social signals on their Youtube account with the help of professionals from, almost similarly the use of SEO, in recent years, has become one among the most effective digital marketing tool. With businesses having easy access to high-quality guest posts and backlinks to which you can find more info here, getting one’s website high rank on a search engine is not a difficult task to accomplish. Looking for a nice tool to find “nofollow” links when using Firefox?  So, now we know that Google is serving results to users with proximity being an extremely impactful ranking factor. Theoretically, this patent could help explain what exactly The Big G is up to. So, since rank trackers are all discombobulated, how do we fix this?  The local viking can tap directly into the GMB API and populate data all over a city. This obviously is not taking into consideration the phone configurations or the actions that the user is taking whilst performing the query, but it is darn good data. Some people are becoming militant about data pulled in this way, proclaiming it is not accurate. The managed IT service provider for our clients where we set up campaigns that generate actual inbound phone calls from interested prospects. Check out the SEO for Firefox extension. When installed a small SEO logo will appear in the lower right of your browser that looks like the image below when active: The computer applications that make the most use of geocodes are those that locate places on maps, give driving directions between locations, and create routes for delivery drivers, service technicians, and other field staff. To be effective, they have to be both accurate and fast. Most people have used one of the many Internet map programs. Almost all portals like Google and Yahoo have them available, as do specialized web sites like those from mapping companies. Others have used small software programs to find a location and get directions to it. Those applications have the advantage of direct user interface to deal with one or maybe two locations. They can (as do many of the internet applications) reject addresses for small variations (like our Street at St. example), and rely on user intervention to refine data so it can be read. Applications such as routing and scheduling software that use geocoding service usa as part of an automated process have to build in extensive processing tools and logic to make their use accurate and effective. They can’t rely on user intervention for all discrepancies, but must incorporate features and functions (often called “fuzzy logic”) to make intelligent assumptions about the most common differences. They also must have logic and tools built in to not only find locations, but compare them based on those results to others in terms of not only location but travel times between location pairs and other business rules to begin to answer the question “who goes where when”. To begin the process of providing effective, efficient sets of locations sequenced into routes that accomplish business goals those programs have to start with the business itself. A company delivering to cities nationally might be able to assign work and sequence routes based on a simple zip code geocoding result; those servicing hundreds of customers in a single city need far more accurate results for the data to be meaningful.

Sometimes an average person needs to know more information about a website. For instance, you may have gone to a specific website looking for more information on a certain topic. You find plenty of information on the site, but you have a few more questions you can’t seem to find the answer to. If the website doesn’t offer contact information, you may feel stuck. In this case, you can use a free Whois API to find out how to contact the website owner.

Full Contact Information

If the person who owns the website did his own registration, his full contact information will be found on the Whois search results when you enter the exact website address. In most cases, you will find a phone number, physical address and email address. You will be able to choose the contact method with which you are most comfortable.

Web Hosting Information

While most people aren’t concerned with which company provides the web hosting for a particular company, it can be useful information for some people. For instance, this can be particularly useful if you are thinking about starting a website of your own and you have been pleased with the way a particular website operates. If that website doesn’t suffer from much down time, you may wish to choose the same web hosting company. A free Whois API can help you identify good web hosting services without having to ask.

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When inactive the extension turns grey. To toggle status click on the image. When the extension is active links that are “nofollowed” will be outlined in red like the image below:

Sample nofollowed link

Technically a link is nofollowed when the following code is added to the a href tag:


What the nofollow tag does is it tells search engine robots not to follow that link. This is used in google’s case to keep a sites page rank without passing it on to a linked site, if you want to get promoted this way we recommend Local Viking services to get well taken care of. The nofollow tag can also be used on links within a site to keep the page rank on important pages. Wikipedia definition of nofollow.

Click here for more information on the SEO for Firefox tool.

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Those with the extension installed will notice a couple of red links in this post.

Another handy feature is that the extension will display more information in your google or yahoo searches. The more information you can get with a single click is the page rank, site age, DMOZ listings, and more. See the link above for pictures of this feature. To say about keeping your website online and running with their great small business internet and phone services.

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Thanks for sharing. I’ve had SEO for Firefox installed for awhile, but I didn’t know that was one of the features.

It will really speed up determining whether a site is no-follow or not. Up until now, I’ve been using Firebug to inspect the link.

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@Gizmo it’s a great tool. It was odd at first to see all of the red links as I browsed but I’m getting used to it. I turn it off also when I’m just browsing general sites.

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