How to Add the Facebook Like Button in Thesis

Facebook Like Button

Facebook Like Button

Thesis is a great wordpress theme but it takes some getting used to. You are no longer editing a file called “single.php” you’re using hooks to add in content and change things around. To add the facebook like button in Thesis open up custom_functions.php in your favorite editor and add the code in this file. I couldn’t get the code to display properly here in this site.

This will add in the like button below your posts. It will not add it to your pages. I just wanted people to be able to like my blog posts and not my pages.

What do you think? Have you used it? I have added the like button below. Feel free to like this post :]

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8 thoughts on “How to Add the Facebook Like Button in Thesis

Yep there’s definitely a learning curve if you’re used to making themes the old fashioned way. Thanks for stopping by Ralph!

The facebook like button is great to have on your website, but I do worry about how much data it is providing back to facebook on my browsing habits

A friend of mine had trouble with this, the like button always showed and error some how…hope this helps!

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