Kindle Fire: My Review

Kindle Fire Review
Kindle Fire Review

I have had my Kindle Fire for a couple of months. I really like it. I use it for general things such as checking my e-mail, facebook, or playing apps. I recommend the Kindle to those who want a tablet and don’t want to shell out the $$ for an iPad.

Here are my likes for the Kindle Fire:

  • I like the size. It’s easy to carry in one hand without having to worry about dropping it
  • Great battery life. I charge mine maybe once a week and I use mine a lot
  • Amazon music cloud. If I purchase something I can listen to it on my Kindle. I can also download it to my Kindle to listen with WIFI isn’t available
  • Automatically checks my gmail when connected to the internet
  • Netflix!! And of course Amazon prime movies
  • Youtube, the mobile version

That being said, there are some minuses IMO:

  • Apps are limited, just because it’s on the android marketplace doesn’t mean it will be on the amazon marketplace. Temple Run for the Kindle Fire and there is also Draw Something Free!!
  • Facebook is the mobile facebook. It’s a glorified link to your browser.
  • Size wise, it’s smaller physically to an iPad, but probably weighs as much as an iPad 2.
  • No camera. But hey, it’s a first generation device.

In general I really like my Kindle. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a tablet device. There are also many children’s games available, so if you’re looking between a Nintendo DS and this it’s going to be a tough choice but I recommend the Amazon Kindle Fire. You can put games and more on it. Books, e-readers. I think this device will be a pretty good competitor against the Nintendo DS.

Kindle Fire in case with stylus
My Kindle Fire in a case with a stylus

Do you have a Kindle Fire? I’d like to hear your thoughts on it in the comments area.

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