Tech Tuesday: Michael Graham

Michael Engineer Dog

EngineerDog is a collection of blog articles and engineering resources created for a tech-savvy audience. I produce 100% of the content myself and share everything for free.

This includes free 3D models and designs shared under the EngineerDog name through and I also run a lighting rental company to help you with your events and stream setups.

I follow a few guidelines for blog articles:

  • I believe that information is best communicated when it is concise, organized, and humorous. (Humor is the magic sauce that helps readers pay attention!)
  • I believe in producing only the highest quality content, even at the cost of consistent posts. Posting even one click-bait article amounts to crying wolf and destroys your credibility. If I have nothing good to share for a month then I won’t share anything!
  • I believe that giving away your best content for free is the path to real success. You have to create things that are useful and entertaining before asking for attention, not the other way around.
  • I only work when its fun! The best way to create inspiring work is to actually be inspired.

Why did you start blogging?

I started writing on Quora in 2013 and I quickly noticed the positive impacts that it was having on other areas of my life. Particularly on my communication skills and my depth of knowledge in specific topics.

I started EngineerDog in the summer of 2014 as a way to use my hobby to practice, experiment, and get feedback on my work. I also wanted to gather a following in case I decide to develop a project into a small business.

The name of the blog is pretty much meaningless. I’m a dog loving mechanical engineer and the EngineerDog domain name was available.

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