Product Review: Zus Smart Phone Rapid Charger and Auto Locator

Zus Car Locator
This review is for the Zus Smart Phone Rapid Charger.

I really like my Zus charger and car locator. It is great how the app works. I’m horrible at remembering where I parked, and my vehicle doesn’t have a remote alarm so I can’t listen for beeps or honks.

To use the Zus app:

  1. Download the Zus app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play (both are free) and do a quick sign up.
  2. After that plug the charger into your cars charging post.
  3. Start your car, and optionally plug your phone into the charging unit.
  4. When the unit is powered up your phone will ask to connect to the charger (bluetooth) allow that.
  5. Now your device is paired and powered up.

When you park your car and you are close by the Zus you get a notification asking you if you want to set up a reminder for parking meters. That is a very handy feature for anyone who parks  and pays a parking meter. It beats getting a ticket for an out-of-time meter 🙂 You might want to check the best classic car on

Whenever you stop your vehicle the charger will transmit the coordinates to your phone. This is used to extend the range beyond that of Bluetooth.

Zus car locator
Zus car locator

Product was provided at no charge in exchange for my honest review as set forth above.

Qustion about Zus for you:

Do you have a car locator? What do you have and how do you like it? Leave a comment below. And please, don’t forget the importance of having van insurance for your car.

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