Alexa Skill: Christmas Facts

Amazon Alexa Random Christmas Facts

Recently I took a one day class on developing Amazon Alexa skills. The Christmas facts skill was one of my first skills to get published on Amazon for everyone to download for free, since in Amazon you can download music and movies, although you can also get downloads by torrent, and you can go online to find how a torrent work as well. As some know I also have a website that lists cut-your-own tree farms and I’m redoing it in WordPress (it was in Joomla! and then HTML/perl) and expanding it from the Cincinnati area to also include Columbus where I currently live. I really enjoy the Christmas season!

My Amazon Alexa Skill: Christmas Facts

This skill uses NodeJS on the back end to process voice and to give a random Christmas Fact. I have around 25 facts right now and I am looking to add more as time goes on. This was one of my first skills to get published so I was quite anxious to get something up on the Skills store.


To see more images, or to use these pics, please visit my flickr page. I’ve made the images open to use, non-modify. Please attribute either my main page or this post.

Or you can just download my Christmas Facts skill from amazon for free!

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