Alexa Skill: 2017 Eclipse Facts

2017 Eclipse Facts SkillI have another Amazon Alexa skill published! This one is facts for the 2017 Eclipse (this skill went live on July 31, 2017) and is free to enable on your Amazon Alexa device. If you have an Echo Dot check out the cool covers there are available on Amazon:

My Amazon Alexa Skill: 2017 Eclipse Facts

This skill uses NodeJS on the back end to process voice and to give the user a randomly picked 2017 Eclipse Fact. I have around 25 facts right now and I am looking to add more as time goes on.

To see more images, or to use these pics, please visit my flickr page. I’ve made the images open to use, non-modify. Please attribute either my main page or this post.

Or you can just download my Eclipse Facts from amazon for free!

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If you have an idea for a skill you would like to see developed I’m available for work. Please contact me here.

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